Hello World!!!

Yaaay!!! I’m so excited to finally be able to write my first blog. I’ve been thinking of creating this blog for a while now so I am very happy that it’s finally happening. While working on creating this site I have realized that blogging is not as easy as I would think. It takes a lot of hours of getting the content ready and requires lots of patience and focus. After couple of frustrating days I am finally able to write something and share it with the world :).  Please forgive me any mistakes I may make at the beginning but it is still work in progress. I know my blog is far from being perfect but I’m continuously working and making all necessary improvements. I hope that by sharing my struggles and experiences of creating this blog with you, I can encourage you to create your own blog. It is not easy but with a little motivation it is possible.

I decided to make a blog about food because I really enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes. The most difficult part for me, about creating this food blog so far, is taking good pictures. In order to take a nice picture you need a lot of practice and probably a good camera (which I currently don’t own). I’m taking pictures with the regular point and shoot so they’re not as professional looking as I would like them to be. However, regardless of the obstacles I experienced I think the pictures look pretty good and deliver what I’m trying to share with you. I also prepared some delicious recipes for you and can’t wait to share them. Just working on some finishing touches to make sure everything looks perfect. I am  not very good in writing down all measurements for my recipes. Usually, when I cook I just eyeball the ingredients. Throw a little bit of this, a little bit of that and it’s done :). However, for the purpose of this blog I will try to be a little bit more precise :).

Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading. Please stay tuned…..The first delicious recipe coming up soon!!!!!!!!!!! This is a sneak peak of what’s coming up soon:




2 thoughts on “Hello World!!!

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I won’t lie to you, it’s hard work, very hard work, but if you post what you enjoy and cook what you enjoy, then it’s not hardship at all. I look forward to seeing your creations.


    1. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement Nazneen. It really means a lot to me. Especially to hear it from a talented and inspiring blogger like you. I tried lots of your recipes and they all turned out great.

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