Welcome Back !!!


It’s been nearly a month since I posted something on my blog. For all of you who were wondering what happened to me, or thought that I gave up on blogging, I have some good (or maybe bad for someone) news. I AM BACK. While I wasn’t blogging for the last couple of weeks, I was working hard on collecting ideas and new recipes to share with you!!!

I just came back from a wonderful trip and an amazing and very tasty adventure to INDIA. India is a beautiful country and a completely different world than United States of America or my country of birth, Poland. India has a great culture. I love Indian spices, delicious food, great fresh fruits and vegetables, unique clothes and sunny warm weather. I went from 86°F beautiful hot weather to freezing  34°F in NJ. brrrrrrrrrrrr  It will take some time adjusting to this chilly weather. Luckily no snow yet 😉

I am also still adjusting to the time difference. It is 3am in the morning right now and I am blogging instead of sleeping. I could probably fall asleep easily after over 24h trip and little or no sleep, but my two and a half old daughter wants to play instead of sleeping 🙂 I’m wondering how long will the jet lag last and when can we all start functioning normally again.

As soon as I get organized in the house, done with unpacking and get a little rest, I will make sure to post some recipes for the delicious Indian dishes I got to try while on my trip to India.

In the meantime please enjoy the pictures I took during my trip. Sorry about the quality but they were taken mostly from the car.

DSCN9243 DSCN9273 DSCN9283 DSCN9527 DSCN9683DSCN9685


Before we get to the spicy and delicious Indian recipes, I will share with you my trick to using pumpkin seeds that I promised to share before I left to India. Coming up in the next post:



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