Toasted Pumpkin Seeds



 After my absence for over three weeks I don’t even know if pumpkins are still in season or not. I feel like I was gone to some other planet or took a long nap and after waking up I don’t know what is going on around me. I did promise in my recent post though, that I will post a useful tip that will save your pumpkin seeds.

I don’t like to waste food. After my trip to India I realized even more how important it is to utilize every part of the fruits and vegetables we are eating.  People in India don’t waste anything and I LOVE IT. For example, the coconut tree is used in many different ways. When the coconut is still green you can drink a coconut water. It is very nutritious drink. After you drank the water, you can make chutney from the leftover coconut. When the coconut is ripe you can use it to extract coconut milk and coconut oil.


 This is my daughter drinking coconut water ­čÖé She had a difficult time holding it. The coconut is pretty heavy ­čÖé

 So when it comes to pumpkins, don’t throw the seeds. Pumpkin seeds are very good for you. They have magnesium that is good for your heart, omega-3 fats and zinc which is great for your immune system. You can find more pumpkin seed benefits @




After you remove all the seeds from the pumpkin wash them well.  Then let them dry on the paper towel. After they are dried, toast them on the pan for few minutes until golden brown and crisp. No need to add any oil. Once the pumpkin seeds are toasted, sprinkle them with some salt and any other spices you like. I used paprika, cumin powder and a little chilly. The seeds are a great snack. Very addictive and much better than chips. ­čÖé







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