Minnie Mouse B-day Cake


You might have noticed ( or not 😉 ) but I haven’t been very active on my blog for the last couple of days. I apologize but I had a good reason 🙂 My daughter’s 3rd birthday party!!!!  I was busy preparing to make sure she has an awesome day 🙂  The menu for the party included dishes like Chicken 65, Indian Spiced Okra, beef kebabs, spaghetti and salad. The main STAR of the party though, was THE BIRTHDAY CAKE. It was my FIRST ever fondant birthday cake. My daughter LOVES Minnie Mouse those days so I guess you can figure what was the inspiration for the cake 🙂 

Maybe the cake was not perfect but I was proud of it 🙂 It took me almost 3 days to make it but I think it was worth it 🙂 If you’d like me to share how the cake came to life 😉 please leave a comment under this post and I will be happy to explain 🙂



Wersja polska/ Polish Version


8 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse B-day Cake

    1. Thanks Pamela! You’re so nice :)The cake was not perfect but it was my first one so I’m still proud 🙂 It tasted really good though 🙂

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