Have you ever wondered how would your life look like if you lived somewhere else? Different country, city or just another neighborhood……………
I was born and raised in Poland so I often think how would it be to live in my home country again. I’ve gotten so used to the American lifestyle (as I spent majority of my adult life over here) that I wonder if I could find myself in Poland again…..I know for sure that one of the things that I would miss the most about America, specifically New Jersey, is the diversity in the food and culture. Continue reading “Falafel”




Holly Guacamole!!! Where have you been my whole life??? I’m so glad I finally discovered you 馃檪 This is a story of how I fell in love with GUACAMOLE聽and avocado on its own.

Jeszcze do niedawna wydawa艂o mi si臋, 偶e nie lubi臋 awokado! Przekona艂am si臋 jednak do tego owocu i teraz nie moge bez niego 偶y膰.聽

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