Polish Cabbage Stew/ Młoda Kapusta z Koperkiem


Today I’m sharing a recipe for young cabbage stew. Something that I ate a lot growing up. As soon as the season for cabbage began in Poland and we could find a  nice fresh, young cabbage we would make this dish. We always made a lot and either ate it all or put leftovers in the jars and enjoyed when the season was over. Cabbage is a main ingredient of many Polish dishes including  stuffed cabbage rolls aka “golabki”or famous Polish hunter’s stew aka “bigos”. Continue reading “Polish Cabbage Stew/ Młoda Kapusta z Koperkiem”


Oreo Shake and Oreo Frozen Coffee/ Oreo Szejk lub Kawa Mrożona


Hello!!! It’s been a long time since I last visited my page and posted a new recipe. I’ve been on a longer than expected trip back to Poland 🙂 I was supposed to stay for 1 month which stretched into 4 amazing months. Continue reading “Oreo Shake and Oreo Frozen Coffee/ Oreo Szejk lub Kawa Mrożona”

Chicken Shawerma Sandwich/ Kanapka z Kurczakiem Shawerma


First of all, I’d like to say thanks to FOODISTA for featuring my blog on their page and sharing on social media. Thanks to you my stats boomed and I got motivated to write new posts. I must admit, even though I love to cook and I’m excited to share my recipes, sometimes I get discouraged. Especially, when I see slow traffic on my page and readers do not engage. Continue reading “Chicken Shawerma Sandwich/ Kanapka z Kurczakiem Shawerma”

Krupnik- Traditional Polish Barley Soup


We are having the coldest winter in New Jersey since 1950’s. Today, the temperature was just  2 degrees F  plus a windshield reaching -12F. Brrrr…. Can’t wait for the winter to end. In the meantime, I’m trying to keep warm with a warming bowl of soup. Today, I’m making traditional Polish soup made with barley, called KRUPNIK. [pronounced: croopneek]

Continue reading “Krupnik- Traditional Polish Barley Soup”

Healthy Granola Bars/ Zdrowe Batoniki Granola


Granola Bars are a quick and healthy snack for kids and for adults. I know there are so many granola bars available in the stores but they are usually loaded with sugar and preservatives and not really that healthy.
Plus they’re also expensive. So why not make your own? They’re easy and quick to make and you can control the quality of the ingredients. You can choose whatever you want to add to them. Nuts, dried fruits, seeds. The possibilities are endless. Today, I’m sharing a recipe for my favorite granola bar, that will give you energy and keep you satisfied until the next meal. Continue reading “Healthy Granola Bars/ Zdrowe Batoniki Granola”