Leftover Rice Balls

DSCN1320Have you ever had leftover rice and wondered what to do with it? After my daughter’s birthday party I had LOTS of it! We all got bored of eating just a plain white rice all the time so I started looking for ideas what can I make with it. I asked my fellow bloggers and FB fans for their suggestions.

I received a lot of great feedback. Some of the ideas included chicken or vegetable fried rice (by My Simple Kitchen), rice pudding, chicken and rice soup, rice with Asian style vegetables (by A Crazy Chef) and many other great recipes. One recipe that intrigued me the most was RICE PAKODAS suggested by Paru’s Kitchen. Make sure to visit the blog for the recipe.

DSCN1318I decided to make rice balls. I stuffed them with peas, carrots, chicken, cheddar cheese and some herbs. After couple of tries they came out perfect! I have to admit they didn’t come out like that in the first try. In the first batch I added too many peas and they were burning and balls falling apart. After couple of adjustments I got it right though.

They came out crunchy on the outside and soft inside. They remind me a little bit of falafel but are made out of rice instead of chickpeas. 



DSCN1326Let me know what are your favorite recipes made with leftover rice? I would love to hear from you!


This recipe is another great way to sneak in some vegetables into your kids diet 🙂 That’s why I want to link it to the Family Foodies challenge. Sponsored by Eat Your Veg  and Bangers & Mash . For more info click the picture below:





8 thoughts on “Leftover Rice Balls

  1. We frequently end up with leftover rice which I usually turn into egg fried rice with veggies, but this looks like a fantastic alternative and I know my children would adore these. Anything ball-shaped always seems to go down well with them! Thanks for sharing with this month’s Family Foodies challenge – a great entry 🙂

    1. I usually make a fried rice also but I wanted to try something new 🙂 My daughter was happy to eat the rice balls even though she is a picky eater 🙂

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