Minnie Mouse B-day Cake


You might have noticed ( or not 馃槈 ) but I haven’t been very active on my blog for the last couple of days. I apologize but I had a good reason 馃檪 My daughter’s 3rd birthday party!!!!  I was busy preparing to make sure she has an awesome day 馃檪  The menu for the party included dishes like Chicken 65, Indian Spiced Okra, beef kebabs, spaghetti and salad. The main STAR of the party though, was THE BIRTHDAY CAKE. It was my FIRST ever fondant birthday cake. My daughter LOVES Minnie Mouse those days so I guess you can figure what was the inspiration for the cake 馃檪 

Maybe the cake was not perfect but I was proud of it 馃檪 It took me almost 3 days to make it but I think it was worth it 馃檪 If you’d like me to share how the cake came to life 馃槈 please leave a comment under this post and I will be happy to explain 馃檪



Wersja polska/ Polish Version

Happy New Year !!!


Welcome in 2014!!! I would like to start this year by saying THANK YOU to everyone who follows my blog and reads my posts. Writing a blog is not as easy as I expected. It requires a lot of time and patience! It is very rewarding though when I see new likes on my page and new readers joining in. Thank you to all my supporters and  I wish you all VERY TASTY 2014 !!! 

I would also like to say thank you to “Confused Bawarchis” who nominated me for LIEBSTER AWARD 馃檪 My FIRST ever AWARD! I’m so proud 馃檪 Make sure to visit Confused Bawarchis and check out they’re great recipes and stories @ http://confusedbawarchis.wordpress.com/


Liebster Award is a recognition for new bloggers who have less then 300 followers. It is a great way for the new bloggers to connect and to promote their blogs. As we all know, the beginnings are never easy. Thanks to the awards like Liebster,bloggers get to know each other and share their work! Cute way to expend your audience 馃檪 It also shows you that someone reads your blog, which you probably doubt sometimes when you are a beginning blogger 馃槈 

So what do you need to do to receive the award?

  1. Present the award to at least 5 other bloggers with less than 300 followers
  2. Include the award in your post
  3. Thank the blogger that awarded you on your blog and link them in your post
  4. Answer the questions asked by the blogger that nominated you
  5.  Create 10 question that you want to ask your nominees that will allow their readers to get to know them better 馃檪 
  6. Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog

So those are the questions that Confused Bawarchis asked me and my answers:

1. What is your favorite post that you鈥檝e written?

hmmm….. I think  I leave that up to the readers 馃檪 I share the recipes that I like to cook and eat myself 馃槈 

2. Cake or chips?

I love both but I think I will choose cake. It is still better than eating processed full of chemicals and ingredients that we are unable to pronounce chips. Plus you can get CREATIVE with the cakes!

3. What is your favorite season of the year?

SUMMER! I love lots of sun and increased levels of vitamin D flowing in my blood streams 馃檪 It makes me feel better and happier!

4. If you could be stuck in a lift with one person- celebrity, politician or anyone else, who would it be?

BOBBY FLAY! I love Bobby Flay ( don’t worry, my husband is aware of my platonic love affair with Bobby 馃槈 ). He is my inspiration and I hope I WILL get stuck in the elevator with him one day 馃槈 

5. Which kitchen equipment/ tool do you use the most?

Food processor. I love to eat home made hummus 馃檪 

6. How would you like it if you had no phone and the internet for a day?

I would LOVE it. Sometimes I feel like I waste to much time online or on the phone. It would me nice to have all electronics shut off for one day. I think I will try it soon 馃槈 

7. Chocolate or chili?

Chocolate by itself and chili by itself. I know people are crazy about the combination of two of those but I am not that much into it 馃槢  

8. What鈥檚 your favorite TV show/ movie or both?

Curious George 馃榾 That’s what I watch the most those days lol 

9. Pink or Black?

Not a pink fan so I have to say black

10. What鈥檚 been your favorite food vacation until now?

hmmm…..I have different cravings so it depends. Can’t really pick one 馃槈


10 questions for my nominees

  1. Do you make New Year鈥檚 resolutions and if yes do you stick with them?
  2. What was your inspiration in creating the blog?
  3. Chocolate or vanilla?
  4. Do you make grocery shopping list?
  5. Choose one word that would best describe you?
  6. Food that you would NEVER be able to give up?
  7. What do you like to do in your free time?
  8. Your favorite celebrity chef?
  9. Food that you always have in your pantry?
  10. One thing you cannot live without?


And the nominees ARE:










Thanks again for nominating me for the award and CONGRATULATIONS to all my NOMINEES 馃檪

To all the nominees: I know you might be thinking this is another chain message. That’s what I thought at first as well so I never took time to officially ACCEPT the award. I realized though, that this is a cute award to share with others who are trying to grow their audience and to recognize the beginner bloggers for their hard work. So please accept it and nominate others 馃檪 THANKS




Hello my friends and readers of My Tasty Adventures  In the spirit of this holiday season I want to show you how much I appreciate your support and I have a GIFT for you. In order to be eligible to receive it, all you have to do is:

  2. Leave a COMMENT on my FB page ( any comment counts, even a dot or a question mark 馃槈 )
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The winner will be chosen in the lucky drawing on December 20th. *

Come join me on My Tasty Adventures and you can win this great baking set J

*the gift will be shipped within USA and Poland only, sorry for any inconvenience

Welcome Back !!!


It’s been nearly a month since I posted something on my blog. For all of you who were wondering what happened to me, or thought that I gave up on blogging, I have some good (or maybe bad for someone) news. I AM BACK. While I wasn’t blogging for the last couple of weeks, I was working hard on collecting ideas and new recipes to share with you!!!

I just came back from a wonderful trip and an amazing and very tasty adventure to INDIA. India is a beautiful country and a completely different world than United States of America or my country of birth, Poland. India has a great culture. I love Indian spices, delicious food, great fresh fruits and vegetables, unique clothes and sunny warm weather. I went from 86掳F beautiful hot weather to freezing  34掳F in NJ. brrrrrrrrrrrr  It will take some time adjusting to this chilly weather. Luckily no snow yet 馃槈

I am also still adjusting to the time difference. It is 3am in the morning right now and I am blogging instead of sleeping. I could probably fall asleep easily after over 24h trip and little or no sleep, but my two and a half old daughter wants to play instead of sleeping 馃檪 I鈥檓 wondering how long will the jet lag last and when can we all start functioning normally again.

As soon as I get organized in the house, done with unpacking and get a little rest, I will make sure to post some recipes for the delicious Indian dishes I got to try while on my trip to India.

In the meantime please enjoy the pictures I took during my trip. Sorry about the quality but they were taken mostly from the car.

DSCN9243 DSCN9273 DSCN9283 DSCN9527 DSCN9683DSCN9685


Before we get to the spicy and delicious Indian recipes, I will share with you my trick to using pumpkin seeds that I promised to share before I left to India. Coming up in the next post: